Womp Mafia General Rules

Womp Mafia Purpose & Class Rules

Last update 10/3/2022 to correct motor part numbers

The Womp Mafia is a different concept designed to attract new racers to the hobby by improving the scale racing appearance with minimal investment. How do we do this? First a minimal choice of parts are approved. Second, those parts are flexible to tailor the racing to your current customers. Third, there are no additional organization race fees. Last, Caveman Bodeez sponsors prizes, plaques, goodies and pays for Facebook advertising of the event in your zip code.

The Womp Mafia racing focuses around the appearance of the body. This offers racers a wider variety of racing while still reducing costs. It’s very simple. Choose a body, some parts details, a date for you’re event and you are racing. But it will take more than just going fast to win a Womp Mafia event. You have to look good doing it too.

Please do not look for “gray” areas to exploit. If it isn’t mentioned, it is not legal. Tech Inspector/Store Owners have the final say. This hobby is suppose to be fun. Lets keep it that way. Please leave attitudes and language at home. Remember, a bad day of racing is better than a closed store. Competition is real but these are inexpensive toy cars. It isn’t the corner marshal’s fault you crashed. Learn to drive.

NOTE: Race fees are at the discretion of individual stores or clubs.

The use of tire traction compounds, softening agents or silicone tires are at the discretion of individual store or clubs.

***All other rules are to be followed without exception***

These rules are free to use. We only ask stores or clubs wishing to use these rules for events, points series or weekly racing venues to contact us at   Cavemanbodeez@gmail.com  for free advertising opportunities.

Womp Mafia Spec Racing Rules

Some rules may be restricted by raceways as noted in the specific events rules. All other rules are to be followed without deviation.

For event specific rules restrictions, check the event link.

R Geo Part# #344 Goblin SS Mandatory

• No bending, reshaping, bracing, altering or excessive soldering of the chassis

• No weight can be added to the chassis

• .050 clearance under entire car

ProSlot Part# PS4001S or #PS9001S Mandatory

• Seal and motor must remain unaltered with stock motor brushes and springs

• Motor may be soldered in chassis


• Front: Pro#Track Daytona Part# 219A & JK87501PF (Min .750 Dia. .250 wide)

• Rear: black tires (Min .810 Dia.) Brands may be restricted by the raceway

• No coning of tires

• No independent fronts

• May use clear or black nail polish on front tires contact patch

Caveman Bodeez body is mandatoryStyle to be chosen by the raceway

• Body must be painted an opaque color and have numbers displayed on three sides. Sponsor livery is encouraged.

• 3D interior is mandatory

• Body cannot be modified or trimmed to excess

• Body clips only, and tape may be used to secure them

• No weight added to the body. Body armor around body pins is permitted

Gears, Axles, Oilites, Guide, & Width

• Unmodified 48 pitch 8T or 9T pinion. Pinion size maybe restricted by raceway

• Unmodified 48 pitch 26T-32T crown. Crown size may be restricted by raceway

• 1/8” solid axles front and rear

• Oilites: 1/4” x 1/8” mandatory, and they may be soldered into the chassis

• Width: 3 Inch maximum. Spaced equally. Body is not included on the width measurement. We recommend Caveman Bodeez tech tool #CB-0068

• Any wheel spacers

• No wheel collars

• No weighted guide flags

• Any guide spacers permitted

• Any brand of braid, lead wire and guide clips permitted


Tech time will be declared per event. Track power will be turned off when tech begins. All cars must be

on the tech table on or before set time. Cars late to tech inspection may be subject to a

3 lap penalty.

The entire car for rule compliance. If a car fails tech for any reason

the racer will have the opportunity to correct the infraction. After the car has been

determined to pass the car shall remain at the tech table; except when racing.

Race Procedure

Racing begins directly after completion of tech, and entries are entered into the

computer system.

Lane stickers must be placed on the front of the car as near the guide flag as possible.

All racers are expected to corner marshal, or assist the race director if unable to


Sportsman like conduct is required. Disrespectful behavior may lead to disqualification

for the race day.

Race format will be determined by the store

During lane changes a racer may only oil or repair his car. Tire cleaning, glueing or replacement is at the discretion of each store.

Anyone caught violating any rules during the race may be disqualified forfeiting all

points for that race.

Track call conditions:

  1. Track repairs
  2. Car is in the wrong lane and under power
  3. Car is inaccessible to the corner marshal
  4. Corner marshal is overwhelmed by a multi-car crash
  5. Only a corner marshal shall straighten braid or clean tires during a track call.

Race Points

Points will be awarded in an inverted configuration beginning with last place getting 1 point, next to last gets 2 points and so on. When reaching the third finish position, each podium spot is awarded an additional point from the previous position. Example 4th gets 10 points, 3rd gets 12 points, 2nd gets 14 points and 1st gets 16 points.

These points along with concours points are used to determine the event winner.

Concours Judging

Concours will be judged on the following criteria. Judging is recommended to start at 5 points and add or decrease as determined by the guidelines.

Overall appearance 1-10  –  Does the design and sponsors flow with the car, is it generally attractive. Single color car would not rate as high as multi color paint schemes. Do the colors match the sponsor colors?

Realistic concept 1-10 – What level of realism does the car have? Are the color choices realistic?Are the numbers/sponsors placed and sized in realistic proportions and locations? Airbrushing faded from one color to another isn’t very realistic. A single color paint with only sticker numbers generally is not very realistic.

Percentage of paint 1-10  –  What percent of the car’s design is painted. Is the coverage even? Do colors bleed or show through? Are the sponsors painted? Single color and stickers would not rate as high as high as multi color paint and fewer stickers.

Sticker cut and placement 1-10  – Where stickers are used, are they placed even? Are they neat and cut close to the graphics?  Are there wrinkles in the stickers?

Interior detail 1-10 – Is it off the shelf or did someone put time into it. Self painted interiors should considered effort for additional points regardless of neatness. Do the interior colors match the exterior colors? Did someone add details to a purchased interior?

Racer’s Choice Concours

Racers can vote for two separate cars they feel represent the best appearing cars at the event. Simply circle the next highest number available on the bottom of the tech sheet. Racer’s votes will be included when determining the concourse winners. Concours points are to be added to the race points to determine the overall event winner.

Final authority regarding parts & rule compliance is entirely at the discretion of the

raceway. If it is not explicitly written it is not allowed.

Pit Pass & Racing Fee are at the discretion of the raceway

Pre-race photos of the concours and honorable mention cars will be taken.

A picture of the entire field of cars on the track will be taken. Picture of the entire group of racers.

Post race photos. Pictures of the top three finishers and cars will be taken following the

completion of each race.